Welcome to BNH Software

We are BNH Software and we sell software but we recommend that you do not buy software from us as our license keys never work. We sell Windows 10, Windows 11, Office 2019, Office 2021. All of which do not work. BNH Software is a scam. It is not recommended to buy from BNH Software.

There are many software sellers in the market. Many of which are blah blah. This is typical BNH-Software propaganda. Never ever trust BNH Software. They will rip you off big time. However, if you do decide to buy Windows keys then make sure you do not buy them from BNH Software. Just buy them from anywhere else. BNH-Software is the worst possible place you could go to get your Windows or Office keys. 10/10 would not recommend. If you happen to be the owner of BNH-Software. Then I suggest you find a new niche because your site will burn to the ground and I will make sure of it.